The National Property Service

Commercial Lease Advisory

For landlords Shepherd helps maximise returns from commercial property as an asset and, for tenants, helps minimise liabilities. We recognise the importance of lease renewals and rent reviews for both landlords and tenants, providing opportunities for both parties to protect their interests and either maximise or minimise rents. Our teams of specialist rent review/lease renewal surveyors prepare recommendations based on detailed national and local market knowledge and an understanding of leases, as well as statute and case law, including procedural requirements and timescales, whilst recognising differences in Scots Law.

Reporting is tailored to client needs and we work closely with our clients to formulate strategy. Our experts have rigorous negotiation skills, coupled with in-depth technical and market knowledge which will seek to agree all disputes without having to resort to a third party.

In the event of dispute, we are experienced in the preparation of cases for independent experts or arbitrators, while also being able to carry out a careful risk assessment when considering the best offer from the other party against the additional cost, time and potential outcome from a third party referral.

Our advice includes:

  • Negotiating rent reviews
  • Negotiating lease renewals
  • Preparing reports for arbitrators and independent experts
  • Acting as an expert witness
  • Appearing at oral hearings
  • Acting as expert witnesses in Arbitration Independent Expert procedures, Land Tribunals and the High Court.

Our advice will reflect the changing needs over the term of the lease agreement for both landlords and tenants, which we believe can help make the most of any lease agreement to fulfil investment or occupational objectives, which can reap rewards for both investors and occupiers.

As circumstances change over time, so do the objectives of the parties to the original lease. This may provide an opportunity for the restructuring of a lease to the mutual benefit of the parties; something which our specialist professional surveyors undertake to advise on as required.

Our clients include institutional landlords, property companies, private investors, occupiers and major retailers. Our fees can be performance related to reflect the increase or saving achieved where appropriate.