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Planned Maintenance

Shepherd Building Consultancy offers expert advice in relation to planned building maintenance, including the formulation of maintenance strategies, planned preventative maintenance programmes and advice on physical implementation of maintenance work.

Our experience enables us to offer pragmatic advice to building owners, occupiers and property managers for the full range of commercial, residential and public buildings. We aim to bring economically viable solutions for maintenance to enhance value and protect property assets, ensuring that the advice given is tailored to meet the client’s aspirations for the property and the budget available.

Shepherd is experienced in developing planned preventative maintenance programmes for both individual properties and portfolios for both public and private sector clients. Our track record includes office and industrial properties, shopping centres, residential, leisure and education sector premises, amongst many others.

In each case our advice provides clients with information on the condition of their properties along with recommendations for maintenance work, together with forecasts on expenditure whilst taking cognisance of occupational needs and implementation restrictions.

In addition to professional advice on planned maintenance, Shepherd has broad ranging experience and expertise in arranging for the implementation of maintenance works. This service typically takes the form of producing drawings and schedules of work and arranging for tenders, together with the administration of project work to completion.

In every case we take due cognisance of our clients’ aspirations for cost, quality, timescale and operational issues to deliver maintenance work to suit the needs of the client and its property asset.

Shepherd can also assist in the development of your maintenance policy. This normally considers two processes: ‘retaining’, i.e. work carried out in anticipation of failure; and ‘restoring’, i.e. work carried out after failure. The former is known as preventative maintenance and the latter corrective maintenance. The type of policy will depend on each client individually.