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Shepherd, in conjunction with our joint venture partners RAS, has interests and requirements in all sectors of the renewable energy sector, from site finding to providing legal advice and environmental assessments. We are principally interested in the following sectors, where we scope for planning, grid connection and legals:

Wind power is the conversion of wind into a useful form of energy, using wind turbines to make electrical power. Wind farms consist of a number of individual wind turbines connected to the national grid.

As an alternative to fossil fuels, wind power is plentiful, renewable, widely distributed, clean, produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation and uses little land. The effects on the environment are generally less problematic than those from fossil fuel power sources.

Current requirements for wind range from single turbines of 500KW to 20MW large wind farm sites.

Solar energy, radiant light and heat from the sun has been harnessed by humans since ancient times using a range of ever-evolving technologies.

Solar technologies are broadly characterised as either passive solar or active solar, depending on how they capture, convert and distribute solar energy. Active solar techniques include the use of photovoltaic panels and solar thermal collectors to harness energy.

Current requirements are for a minimum site size of 30 acres.

Anaerobic Digestion
Anaerobic digestion is a series of processes in which micro-organisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. It is used for industrial or domestic purposes to manage waste and/or to release energy. Much of the fermentation used industrially to produce food and drink products, as well as home fermentation, uses anaerobic digestion.

As part of an integrated waste management system, anaerobic digestion reduces the emission hazardous gas from landfill sites into the atmosphere. Anaerobic digesters can also be fed with purpose-grown energy crops, such as maize.

Widely used as a source of renewable energy, the anaerobic digestion process produces a biogas consisting of methane, carbon dioxide and traces of other ‘contaminant’ gases.

Current requirements are for all AD projects on sites of not less than one acre in close proximity to good road networks.

We have resources available to fund substantial projects, subject to satisfactory due diligence, and can provide investment throughout all stages of a renewable energy project, from early feasibility studies and planning to full project build-out.

Current Projects
Solar - 30 MW solar farm under option and being prepared for planning.
Wind – 24 MW large wind farm under option

If you have any active requirements or land which you feel will be suitable for any of the above, please contact Ian Hannon on 0131 225 1234 (