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Buying a Property at Auction

The fast and secure way to buy a property A growing number of potential purchasers and investors are considering property auctions for all types of commercial investment due to the transparency and simplicity of the process. Our online auctions platform provides a clear and visible method of sale via the competitive nature of the online bidding platform and alternatively, via the ‘virtual’ auction room offering the potential to create significant demand resulting in satisfactory sale prices being secured. With commercial property one of the best-performing asset classes in terms of property investment, a growing number of investors are seeking to invest in commercial property, regardless of whether they are vacant or tenanted, leasehold or freehold.

Speed – all our auction properties are offered with a fixed timescale to exchange and complete, meaning you know your completion date from the outset which delivers on-line binding ‘best offers’.

Security – By paying a reservation fee and/or a deposit to secure the property, the vendor stops all marketing and will not consider any other offers.

Transparency – Auctions are considered as a more transparent way to purchase a property, whether bidding online or at a live in-room auction, you can see the other bids and place your bid. An auction presents the highest bidder with the opportunity to secure the property at their preferred bid, meaning they pay best price on the day. Once a bid has been accepted this is a legally binding contract.

Flexibility – you can bid in our online auctions 24/7, from any device and from anywhere in the country.

Personal service – our auction experts are available to offer you all the help and guidance you need, to ensure you’re comfortable with buying at auction. Please give them a call if you have any questions and they’ll be pleased to guide you through the process to ensure buying at auction is the best route for you.

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Buying a property at auction is straightforward and at the end of the auction, your purchase is secure.

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An auction could be the best method of sale for your property, whether you choose our online or busy live auctions, you know your buyer is committed with the benefit of fixed exchange and completion dates from the outset.

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