Home Reports

Home Reports

A home report is a document required to be produced by any seller of residential property in Scotland. They are designed to give buyers useful and necessary information regarding any property they are considering buying. Home Reports provide peace of mind for everyone involved and ensure nobody is left in the dark when a property transaction is underway. Home reports make things fairer and ensure there are no nasty surprises waiting for a buyer after they have purchased a property. They must be produced by qualified chartered surveyors like Shepherd Chartered Surveyors, accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). A home report is valid until the property is sold; however, do bear in mind that if your property is on the market for some time, a replacement home report may be required to ensure all of the information being imparted to the buyer is up to date.

What’s in a Home Report?

Our home report normally consists of four separate documents:

The Single Survey

This is essentially a report on the general condition of the property and takes several things into account. This includes an assessment of everything from windows to gutters, from walls to the roof.

The Energy Report

The energy report is there to provide information on the general energy efficiency of your property. Your property will be provided with an Energy Performance Certificate, which will rate the energy efficiency of the house and provide an estimate of annual energy costs for the buyer.

Mortgage Valuations

This is provided for the benefit of any Bank or Building Society which may be used by the buyer to secure a mortgage on your property. It provides a summary of the Single Survey so the bank or building society can see how the surveyor would report to a lender.

Property Questionnaire

We can all think of things that may not be obvious from any official survey, but which might be important for a buyer to know.

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