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Expert Home Buyers Reports for Homes in Scotland

Protect Your Investment with a Detailed Home Survey in Scotland

In Scotland, having a Home Report carried out on a property is a legal requirement for anyone who is intending to sell up. A Home Report analyses the condition of a home, its energy efficiency, and general property information. On the other hand, those buying a property can consider home buyers’ reports to be carried out on a property they have their eye on. A homebuyers report in Scotland is a detailed report that lists any structural defects such as rot or damp, and can definitely help homebuyers renegotiate an asking price.

As Scotland’s leading chartered surveyors, we provide a number of comprehensive home surveys and can offer accurate home valuations. With branches all across the country, Shepherd Chartered Surveyors can offer surveys to any home in Scotland and provide expert advice today.

Why Should I Get a Home or Flat Buyers Report in Scotland?

The home report, which is a simple document that all sellers must obtain, only details a property’s overall condition. The Scheme 2 home buyers report, on the other hand, uncovers potentially costly defects.

Our chartered surveyors compile the report by inspecting every accessible and visible area of the property you’re thinking of purchasing. They can uncover issues ranging from problematic roofs to damp and wet rot.

Buying a property requires a significant investment, which is why it’s always a good idea to make sure that you’re spending your money wisely. If you’d rather not take any risks when purchasing a home, then you should call us for a home buyers report in Scotland.

Learn More about Home Surveys in Scotland

At Shepherd Chartered Surveyors, we’re the nation’s largest network of qualified chartered surveyors. We boast a wealth of industry expertise as well as market knowledge of your local area. We also aim to remain one of the most cost-effective companies for home surveys in Scotland. Discuss your needs with one of our highly trained professionals by contacting your local branch.

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