Colin Campbell

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Colin Campbell – Commercial

Mobile: 0784 334 1719
Direct dial: 0131 225 12340141 331 2807

12 Atholl Crescent
Edinburgh, EH3 8HA

Glasgow Commercial
2nd Floor, Afton House
26 West Nile Street
Glasgow, G1 2PF


Colin is head of commercial management and works between the Edinburgh and Glasgow offices providing property management services to a wide range of the firm’s clients.

That was then
Colin has been with Shepherd since 2006, having previously worked in various sectors of the profession, including private practice, major commercial organisations, and private property companies. His experience encompasses a comprehensive range of major property assets including shopping centers; retail parks; multi-let office buildings; industrial estates as well as the property assets of major occupiers.

This is now
Colin has overall responsibility for the performance of the commercial property management department and has a hands-on role in the management of a number of major commercial properties.

Rest and play
Colin’s social interests include horse racing and golf (handicap 15).