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When seeking a home report for your property, a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) regulated surveyor, in-depth knowledge of the local area and a nearby office are essential criteria. And if you’re based in Coatbridge or Airdrie, Shepherd Chartered Surveyors ticks all three boxes. home reports are required by law and a thorough and rigorous home report is invaluable when it comes to buying or selling a property, offering peace of mind for the buyer, and a guarantee that everything has been accounted for.

Quite simply one of the most reputable Chartered Surveyors firms anywhere, Shepherd Chartered Surveyors provides expert advice to buyers with mortgage valuation reports, RICS homebuyers’ reports and other residential inspections. We’re represented on all major lender’s panels, our reports are widely accepted and our knowledge of Coatbridge and Airdrie is unparalleled.

With many years of experience surveying locations across Scotland and a vast network of offices, we can guarantee an unmatched knowledge of your local area stretching back decades. When you contact us for any reason, you can be sure of speaking to a qualified chartered surveyor, who will answer any questions you may have free of charge.

Buying in Coatbridge & Airdrie

Unlike other Lanarkshire towns within commuting distance of Glasgow, such as Cumbernauld and East Kilbride, both Coatbridge and Airdrie have a long history, being known for the heavy industry that once dominated the area. As a result, there is a diversity of property in Coatbridge and Airdrie, from large Victorian homes to small two storey tenements to modern flat blocks and semi-detached houses.

Coatbridge and Airdrie are neighbours, connected by the small former village of Coatdyke (today part of Coatbridge) and are eight and 12 miles respectively from central Glasgow. The area’s industrial past (Coatbridge is commonly known as the “Iron Burgh”) has bequeathed an abundance of train lines and stations, meaning the towns are exceptionally well-connected to Scotland’s largest city. Coatbridge alone has seven different stations, across three different lines, connecting it to Glasgow. Coatbridge is also well-known for Drumpellier Country Park, an attractive expanse of woodland with a loch that is within easy walking distance of the town. Airdrie boasts extensive leisure services and a well preserved main street.

The housing sector in Coatbridge generally follows the rosy nation-wide trend of growth. Last year homes in Scotland’s central belt sold twice as a fast as the UK average and the country is experiencing an 11 year high in house price growth, meaning it’s certainly a favourable time to sell. These trends are reflected in Coatbridge and Airdrie, with both towns exhibiting growth over the last quarter of 2019. And there isn’t much in it: Coatbridge has exhibited a house price growth of 1.31% since August 2019 whilst Airdrie house prices have grown by 1.32% over the same period. Over the course of the last year, Airdrie has performed slightly better, exhibiting a 4.61% increase to Coatbridge’s 3.92%. As of November 2019, the average price of a property in Coatbridge stands at £130,628, and in Airdrie at £134,612. As you might guess from such similar numbers, Coatbridge and Airdrie exhibit the same general property trends. Those trends seem to be positive for now and the foreseeable future.  

Why Use Shepherd?

Shepherd Chartered Surveyors is quite simply one of the most reputable teams of chartered surveyors around. The leader in the Scottish property industry, our origins date back to the 18th century. Naturally, we’re also regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. When selecting surveyors for a home report, a knowledge of the area in question and an office nearby are essential criteria.

If you’re looking for a home report in Coatbridge or Airdrie, you’ll find a Shepherd branch centrally located on Coatbridge’s main street. We cover all properties located in Coatbridge and Airdrie and are available to give you a quote at any time. Nobody can offer the same level of local market knowledge as Shepherd; our wealth of experience, proven industry expertise and vast network of offices stand testament to that.

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