Home Report Leith

Home Report Leith

Home reports are required by law in Scotland when it comes to selling a residential property. They are there to give buyers a solid reckoning of all the important details offering peace of mind for the buyer and the seller alike. With home reports, a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) regulated surveyor with a deep knowledge of the local area and a nearby office is essential criteria to provide a thorough and rigorous survey. If you’re selling in the Leith area, then Shepherds Chartered Surveyors satisfies all criteria to deliver a comprehensive and trusted home report.

Shepherd Chartered Surveyors are the largest provider of home reports in Scotland. We are represented on all major lender’s panels and our knowledge of the market in Leith, and the wider Edinburgh area is second to none. With many years of experience surveying locations across Scotland and a vast network of offices, we can guarantee an exceedingly high quality of service. You can be sure of speaking to an experienced Royal Institution regulated Chartered Surveyor who can provide you with a quote ahead of any commitment.

Buying in Leith

Leith is a port area to the north of the city of Edinburgh, at the mouth of the Water of Leith, on the southern coast of the Firth of Forth. It is home to roughly 50,000 residents. Leith is seen as an attractive place to live for its proximity to Edinburgh while still having a ‘towny’ feel. The district isn’t far from Edinburgh City Centre and there are numerous quick bus routes to and from the district. In fact, depending on where you are going you can walk it in 25 to 40 minutes. One of the best ways to visit is to take a leisurely stroll along the Water of Leith Walkway. Despite being a contiguous part of the city of Edinburgh, Leith retains its own distinct feel and character, with a diverse, bustling hub of attractions, amenities, parks and more all its own. It has won numerous accolades for being one of the “coolest” neighbourhoods in the world. No mean feat.

Leith has a rich history that cannot be fully covered here. The original harbour of Leith that once served Edinburgh bringing all manner of products and goods to Scotland, and indeed from to far lands, dates to the 14th century, and many important historical figures passed through over the years, including Mary Queen of Scots and King George IV. For many centuries Leith was also Scotland’s leader in several key industries like glass, soap, led, whaling, shipbuilding, and fishing to name some. As time passed and Scotland no longer needed the port and these industries declined, Leith experienced a downturn, but in recent decades has evolved to become a booming district of Edinburgh, with a wonderful dining, art, and social scene.

Indeed, the overall number of amenities, attractions, and things to do for Leith residents are abundant. It is practically bursting with delicious cafes, eateries, bars and top restaurants boasting some of Scotland’s finest chefs, like Tom Kitchin. The district overall hosts an eclectic mix of people and cultures. Notably today, Leith is the location of the 5-star Royal Yacht Britannia, a royal residence berthed alongside Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre. Leith also boasts a rich creative culture and is home to various independent and contemporary galleries, such as the Corn Exchange Gallery. Various cultural festivals such as the Leith Festival and the Edinburgh Mela take place here throughout the year, and the area even has its own radio station. Being on Edinburgh’s doorstep, residents benefit from all the attractions and amenities to be found in Scotland’s capital city.

In terms of local education, Leith is home to Leith Academy, one of the oldest state secondary schools in Scotland, and to the Leith School of Art, which along with Glasgow School of Art is one of only two independent art schools in Scotland. As for Primary Education, there is Leith Primary, Victoria Primary, and St. Mary’s Primary. Naturally being so close to Edinburgh there are numerous private, further, and higher education establishments practically on Leith’s doorstep.

As of January 2024, the average price for a residential property in Leith stood at £245,000. This average hides quite a range though and a significant number of properties sell well above this figure.

Why Use Shepherd Chartered Surveyors?

Shepherd Chartered Surveyors are the largest provider of home reports in Scotland, with origins dating back to the 18th century. Fully regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, we can offer an in-depth knowledge of the Leith and wider Edinburgh area property market that nobody else can.

If you’re looking for a home report in Leith, you’ll find our Shepherds office located in Edinburgh at 12 Atholl Crescent, Edinburgh, EH3 8HA. This office covers the postcode areas of EH1, EH2, EH3, EH4, EH5, EH6, EH7, EH8, EH9, EH10, EH11, EH12, EH13, EH14, EH15, EH16, EH17, EH22, EH29, and EH30. The team are ready to handle any and all enquiries when selling in or around the area. We are available at our office to give you a quote at any time. Nobody can offer the same level of local market knowledge as Shepherd, our wealth of experience, proven industry expertise and vast network of offices stand testament to that.

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