Home Report Montrose

Home Report Montrose

All properties being put on the market in Scotland now require a home report by law. An expertly compiled and thorough home report can be invaluable when it comes to selling a property. They are there to give buyers and sellers alike a solid reckoning of all the details – big and small – of a property ahead of any transaction. Doing so ensures there are no nasty surprises in store, offering complete peace of mind and making sure that everything has been accounted for.

With home reports, a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) regulated surveyor with a deep knowledge of the local area and a nearby office are essential criteria. Should you be selling in Montrose or the surrounding area in Northern Angus, then Shepherd Chartered Surveyors has just what you need.

Shepherd Chartered Surveyors are the largest provider of home reports in Scotland. We are represented on all major lender’s panels and our knowledge of Montrose is pretty much unparalleled. With many years of experience surveying locations across Scotland and a vast network of offices, we can guarantee a quality of service that is expert and elite. Contacting us today, you can be sure of speaking to an experienced Royal Institution regulated Chartered Surveyor who can provide you with a quote ahead of any commitment.

Buying in Montrose

There are many towns that bear architectural testament to Scotland’s rich history, but Montrose is undoubtedly one of the best-preserved. Long a site of great importance for its access to the North Sea, the town has been an important centre throughout several of the most illustrious chapters in Scottish history, from medieval military importance down to its later eminence as a centre of European trade.

Montrose is characterised by its wide high street and thoroughfare and the intertwining network of secluded alleys and streets threaded throughout fine examples of architecture from a wealth of different historical periods. The town is also placed in a natural setting of great beauty, with the famous Montrose basin – a beautiful tidal lagoon and nature reserve – as well as the other attractions of the North Angus countryside being within easy reach of Montrose residents. The town also boasts such outstanding landmarks as the House of Dun and locally adored “Auld Kirk”.

Ever a centre of trade since the days of the Hanseatic League right down to the present day, Montrose has always had a thriving local economy. The town is an important commercial port for the oil and gas industry and the economy is supported by this in a lucrative triad with a thriving service sector and rapid expanding tourist industry. There is even a local initiative – Montrose Town Partnership – which seeks to develop the economic potential of the town into the future. Furthermore, in August of 2019, a £100 million plan was approved to develop one of Montrose’s many historic buildings – the former Sunnyside Royal Hospital – in 450 new homes.

In terms of property types, Montrose is exceptionally varied. Thanks to its rich history, there are many traditional properties such as sandstone and granite tenements, Victorian villas and converted properties such as the Sunnyside Royal Hospital. In addition, there are also plenty of modern developments in Montrose, with modern bungalows, terraced houses and flats in abundance.

The average price for property in Montrose stood at £168,128 in January 2024. Though different property types in Montrose have had different average selling prices over the last 12 months: £300,093 for detached properties, £183,811 for semi-detached, £152,713 for terraced, and £77,138 for flats.

Why Use Shepherd Chartered Surveyors?

Shepherds Chartered Surveyors are the largest providers of home reports in Scotland, with origins dating back to the 18th century. Fully regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, we can offer an in-depth knowledge of the Montrose property market that no one else can.

If you’re looking for a home report in Montrose, you’ll find a Shepherds branch centrally located on the High Street. We cover all properties in Montrose, equating to postcode areas DD8, DD9, DD10, DD11, AB30, AB39. We are available at our office to give you a quote at any time. Nobody can offer the same level of local market knowledge as Shepherd, our wealth of experience, proven industry expertise and vast network of offices stand testament to that.

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