Home Report Queensferry

Home Report Queensferry

Home reports are required by law in Scotland when it comes to selling a residential property. They are there to give buyers a solid reckoning of all the important details offering peace of mind for the buyer and the seller alike. With home reports, a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) regulated surveyor with a deep knowledge of the local area and a nearby office is essential criteria to provide a thorough and rigorous survey. If you’re selling in the Queensferry area, then Shepherds Chartered Surveyors satisfies all criteria to deliver a comprehensive and trusted home report.

Shepherd Chartered Surveyors are the largest provider of home reports in Scotland. We are represented on all major lender’s panels and our knowledge of the market in Queensferry, and the wider Edinburgh council area is second to none. With many years of experience surveying locations across Scotland and a vast network of offices, we can guarantee an exceedingly high quality of service. You can be sure of speaking to an experienced Royal Institution regulated Chartered Surveyor who can provide you with a quote ahead of any commitment.

Buying in Queensferry

Queensferry also called South Queensferry or “The Ferry”, is a town roughly 10 miles to the west of Edinburgh. A former royal burgh of West Lothian, it is now administered by the City of Edinburgh council area. Queensferry lies on the shore of the Firth of Forth between the Forth Bridge, Forth Road Bridge and the Queensferry Crossing. While not often referred to, the prefix “South” serves to distinguish it from North Queensferry, on the opposite shore of the Forth. Both towns derive their name from the ferry service established by Queen Margaret in the 11th century, which continued to operate at the town until 1964 when the Road Bridge was opened.

Today, Queensferry is a commuter town home to around 9,300 residents. The vast majority travel to work in nearby Edinburgh city centre, with some also travelling to the towns of Dunfermline and Livingston. Transport links are well developed for commuters, the Dalmeny railway station connects to Edinburgh on the Fife Circle route, and travel time is about 35 to just over 40 minutes depending on the service. Buses are numerous and can reach Edinburgh in about 25 – 30 minutes. Car users can join the A9000 and then A90 for direct travel in about the same amount of time as buses.

Queensferry is regarded as an attractive town due to its property types and position on the Firth of Forth. It has plenty of things to things to see and do from cafes to restaurants to your usual chain stores and independent businesses. It has some historical significance, with it being once a royal burgh and having a thriving port, at one time being the main point to board ferries over to Fife. All of this and more can be explored at the Queensferry Museum. Nowadays, the ports predominantly ferry people over to explore the wildlife and history of the islands of the Forth, including Inchcolm, where there are ruins of a 12th century Abbey and First and Second World War defences can still be explored.  The town is also a great place to start a scenic coastal walk by joining the John Muir Way and following it through Dalmeny Estate and towards Cramond village to the east.

Additionally, the town has some local traditions that must be mentioned. The Ferry Fair dates from the 12th century and the modern inception, dating from the 1930s, takes place each August for a week. It includes lots of events and attractions notably the crowning of a local schoolgirl as the Ferry Fair Queen, accompanied by a Ferry Fair Court of other schoolchildren, a procession of floats, pipe bands, and competitive events such as the Boundary Race.  Within the Ferry Fair is a unique event, where the Burry Man – a man selected to be covered in burdock plant fruits – is selected to be covered in them from head to toe, leaving on the shoes, hands, and two eye holes exposed.  On top of this layer, he wears a sash, flowers and a floral hat and he grasps two staves. His ability to bend his arms or sit down is very restricted during the long day and his progress is a slow walk with frequent pauses. Two attendants in ordinary clothes assist him throughout the ordeal, helping him hold the staves, guiding his route, and fortifying him with whisky sipped through a straw, whilst enthusiastic children go from door-to-door collecting money on his behalf. The key landmarks on the tour are the provost’s office and each pub in the village. It’s all in good fun though and helps to raise money for the Fair and local causes. If the Burry Man does not go ahead, it is believed bad luck will come to the town as a result.

The Loony Dook is another popular event whereby people dive into the freezing waters of the Firth of Forth on New Year’s Day, quite often in fancy dress. In recent years the event has attracted people from all over the world, including many people visiting Edinburgh to celebrate Hogmanay. A proposal to charge people to participate in this event was introduced in 2011, the proceeds of which benefit RNLI Queensferry.

As for local schooling then, Queensferry has four primary schools: Echline Primary, Queensferry Primary, St Margaret’s RC Primary and Dalmeny Primary. There is one secondary school, Queensferry High School, with Kirkliston Primary also part of its catchment area.

At January 2023, property in Queensferry stood at a high average value of £314,084. Though different property types in Queensferry have had different average selling prices over the last 12 months: £529,679 for detached properties, £367,063 for semi-detached, £275,018 for terraced, and £223,608 for flats. Demand for properties in the area remains high and there is a new development of family homes underway from Taylor Wimpey. Recently in February 2022 proposals by CALA for 1000 new homes in the southwest of the town were announced including amenities.

Why Use Shepherds

Shepherd Chartered Surveyors are the largest provider of home reports in Scotland, with origins dating back to the 18th century. Fully regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, we can offer an in-depth knowledge of the Queensferry property market that nobody else can.

If you’re looking for a home report in Queensferry or the wider Edinburgh council area, you’ll find the nearby Shepherds branch located at 12 Atholl Crescent, Edinburgh, EH3 8HA. This offers covers the city of Edinburgh and close surrounding areas inclusive of postcodes EH1, EH2, EH3, EH4, EH5, EH6, EH7, EH8, EH9, EH10, EH11, EH12, EH13, EH14, EH15, EH16, EH17, EH22, EH29 and EH30. We are available at our office to give you a quote at any time. Nobody can offer the same level of local market knowledge as Shepherds, our wealth of experience, proven industry expertise and vast network of offices stand testament to that.

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Home Report Queensferry
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