Gavin Russell

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Gavin Russell – Commercial

Direct dial: 01382 878 005 ext.205
Mobile: 07881 366 079

13 Albert Square, Dundee

8 Pitreavie Court, Dunfermline
KY11 8UU


Glasgow-born Gavin Russell is a Chartered Commercial Surveyor and registered valuer who works in our Dundee and Dunfermline offices.

That was then
Having graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University, Gavin began his career with J&E Shepherd in 2005 and aside from a brief relocation to Perth from 2014-2017, has been working in our Dundee office in our Commerical Department. Gavin also completed a secondment to the Tayside local assessor in 2014. In 2020 Gavin took over the running of our Dunfermline Commercial office.

This is now
Gavin was promoted to Associate in 2023. He has nearly 20 years experience in the Tayside, Angus, and Fife commercial property markets, with particular focus and expertise in Commercial Valuation and Agency Sales and Letting.

Rest and play
Gavin lives outside Perth with his wife and two children. Gavin has an eclectic mix of sporting interests. He regularly zigzags his way round Golf Courses throughout Perthshire (Handicap 14) and is a member of Club300 gym in Perth.  Other  interests include football and basketball although nowadays he sticks to the armchair.

Gavin’s other rather unique “talent” is on stage where he frequently sings and performs in local amateur musicals performing in front of thousands (or sometimes tens) of people in various principal and supporting roles as a member of Perth Amateur Operatic Society (PAOS), a musical theatre company who perform annually at Perth Theatre.